Streaming Ether (SE), one of our first projects, provides a comprehensive view of the Ethereum market, without the hassle of writing custom libraries to interact with exchanges. Streaming Ether provides unprecedented access to Ethereum market data, which contains Timestamp (exchange and tracker), Price, Bid/Ask, Size, Depth of Market, Volume, and Candles, to test hypotheses about cryptocurrency, build machine learning models to predict price movements, understand volatility, arbitrage and more.

SE enables high-quality cryptocurrency R&D across all major, global exchanges, and is particularly useful for industry practitioners and academic researchers. Currently, SE provides data from GDAX, Kraken, Poloniex, BitFinex, and BitTrex!

All of this is made possible using Satori’s Live Open Data Channels. Head on over to Satori and check out our open data channel for all of the SDK’s and sample code you’ll need to get started working with Ethereum market data.