Ethereum is an open source, decentralized computing platform that enables the programmatic  development, execution, and enforcement of digital agreements called smart contracts. It leverages Ether, a tradable digital token or cryptocurrency, to represent assets, and Blockchain, a public distributed ledger system, to record and validate asset ownership.

Who we are

We’re technologists interested in disruptive innovation. We’re passionate about cryptocurrency and blockchain, particularly as it relates to the Ethereum computing platform. Our team has expertise in emerging technology, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and more, and we’re dedicated to serving the cryptocurrency and blockchain community.

What we do

Our work is largely centered around investments, applied R&D, and education. We have a heightened focus on distributed ledger applications at the intersection of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and are particularly focused on open source technology.  


We take long-term positions in, and research, develop, and implement algorithmic trading strategies for, Ether and other digital tokens based on the Ethereum computing platform.

Applied R&D

We research and build open-source prototypes with emerging crypto, blockchain, and AI technology. Our projects have competed in emerging technology and open data challenges.


We teach and write about cyptocurrecny, blockchain, and AI. We also organize meetups and host talks in the Chicago area, create developer tutorials and workshops, and more.

Research & Development


A complete open source system for tracking and visualizing cryptocurrency price movements on leading global exchanges


Streaming Ethereum market data from leading global exchanges published through the Satori open data platform


An Alexa voice service that interfaces with the StreamingEther open data channel on the Satori open data platform

Core Team

The EthVentures team brings more than 25 years of exprience combined in technology, research, and analytics. We’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies, startups, high-tech research labs, and non-profits.

Aleks Velkoski


Dave Conroy