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Who we are

EthVentures sits at the forefront of technology driven by cryptocurrency and blockchain. We aim to support continued innovation through Investments, Applied R&D, and Education. Through our work, we have a heightened focus on distributed ledger applications at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our team specializes in:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Software Engineering
  • Emerging technology
  • Community support

What we do


We take long-term positions in, and research, develop, and implement algorithmic trading strategies for, Ether and other digital tokens based on the Ethereum computing platform.

Applied R&D

We research and build open-source prototypes with emerging crypto, blockchain, and AI technology. Our projects have competed in and won emerging tech. and open data challenges.


We teach and write about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and AI. We also organize meetups and host talks in the Chicago area, create developer tutorials and workshops, and more.

Research & Development

The Spot Exchange

The Spot Exchange is a smart, decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace on Hyperledger Fabric. The Spot Exchange enables people to rent physical locations designated for parking traditional and autonomous vehicles. Parking spaces include garages, lots, alleyways, and driveways, which may be located on private residential and commercial property.

Project Safe Harbor

Project Safe Harbor is an open source platform that leverages blockchain and artificial intelligence to enable societies and communities to provide basic resources, safety, and security to the more than 65 million asylum seekers around the world.


A complete open-source system for tracking and visualizing cryptocurrency price movements on leading global exchanges. You can use this project to:

  • Track price, bid/ask spreads, size, and volume
  • Algorithmically trade
  • Test hypotheses about markets
  • Build machine learning models to predict price movements
  • Understand volatility, arbitrage, and more!

Core Team

The EthVentures team brings more than 25 years of exprience combined in technology, research, and analytics. We’ve worked for Fortune 500 companies, startups, high-tech research labs, and non-profits.

Aleks Velkoski


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